“We help companies become more agile through better compensation and governance approaches”

Stephan Hostettler, Managing Partner

“An organization today has to attract, motivate and retain high-performing talent to support its sustainability.”

Christelle Quémeneur, Senior Manager

"Going forward, many compensation committees are likely to focus more closely on fine-tuning pay programs and carefully analyzing current arrangements."

Olga Beregova, Partner

“Effective boards and CEOs today do not treat compensation, culture, and governance as separate topics. They use their interrelationship to wisely supervise and steer their companies.”

Gabe Shawn Varges, Senior Partner

"More than ever risk and sustainability are the key elements of compensation plans in banks to foster adequate risk behavior."

Dr. Axel May, Senior Partner

HCM Hostettler & Company

Leading Experts on Governance, Finance & Compensation

HCM is a leading independent international firm expert in the areas of remuneration / compensation, value-based management, governance, risk, compliance and management of regulatory matters. The HCM professionals, including partners Stephan Hostettler, Axel May, Gabe Shawn Varges and Olga Beregova, provide decades of experience in consulting in major industry segments both in Switzerland and internationally. HCM is partner firm in the Global Governance and Executive Compensation Network, GECN.

  • "We cover the full value chain of remuneration, from strategy and governance to implementation and communication, all based on a thorough understanding of the clients' business and culture."

    Dr. Stephan Hostettler
    Managing Partner
  • "Managing the change towards a consistent value oriented business strategy will determine the future success of a bank."

    Dr. Axel May

    Senior Partner

  • “For larger companies, an emerging challenge is how to maximize ROC, the return on compliance investment. This new kind of metric requires deep understanding of compliance, governance, culture, and compensation.”

    Gabe Shawn Varges, M.A., Juris Doctor           

    Senior Partner

  • "The pressures and liabilities that compensation committees currently face are greater than ever."

    Olga Beregova


  • "Using its analytical methodology of job evaluation and job classification, HCM guides you through this process in order to evaluate and classify positions of your organization in the most objective way possible and ultimately to ensure internal equity within your organization as well as external competitiveness."

    Christelle Quéméneur

    Senior Manager

Board Advisory

With the ever higher expectations being made of boards by regulators and stakeholders, boards require competent independent advice and support. [more]

Owner Strategy

Owner Strategy is our way of capturing the need to embrace and harmonize the owner’s interest [more]

Outside-In Target Setting

We define targets and ambition levels for annual as well as multi-year targets in accordance with shareholder expectations. [more]

Compensation Strategy

We develop, define and implement the compensation strategy for the Board of Directors, Executive Board as well as the top management levels. [more]


Under our Governance services, we provide strategic, assessment, and implementation support for devising and operating effective compliance programs. [more]


HCM Say-on-Pay Report 2016 AGM Season in Switzerland

October 2016

A comprehensive picture of Say-on-Pay practices in Switzerland, including the analysis of binding and consultative voting results and voting procedures, as well as of the influence the diverse factors may have on the Say-on-Pay outcomes.

Pay Practices and Trends for Board Chairman and CEO in Switzerland, Germany and Austria (DACH)

July 2016

This extract from the larger HCM Global 300 study focuses on the compensation of Board Chairs and CEOs of 70 companies in the DACH region consisting of Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

HCM Viewpoint - Agility and Incentives

June 2016

Agility is the people’s and organization’s capacity to recognize new information, make sense of it and react quickly. Whereas economies of scale, reliable and stable processes and constant improvement used to be the ticket for success, agility is now the key attribute for competitiveness and growth.